Integrated Management System Policy

Manufacturing and selling plastic shapes for engineering, Plastimak Plastic Shapes Injection Industry And Commerce Inc. attaches great importance technological investments and regards humans and the environment as its most valuable essences in all of its activities for generating solutions for the needs of our customers with high product quality and the principle of customer satisfaction.
Our objectives are to minimize any possible losses by providing a safer and healthier working environment for our employees, to prevent environmental pollution, to be able to follow technological advancements and economical changes and to achieve continuous excellence in our purposes at each segment of our company without deviating from our aims.
The importance we attach to quality will be the key of our long-term success. This success will be sustained with the contributions of Plastimak personnel.
- Conducting our production activities in line with the mission and vision of our company

- Remaining transparent and controllable at each stage of our production activities

- Encouraging teamwork for developing our company further and providing our colleagues with development with the trainings we provide

- Minimizing losses and defects that may possibly emerge during production and keeping productivity at the highest level

- Completely understanding and entirely meeting customer needs and expectations

- Respecting all legal regulations and other requirements concerning the environment and occupational health safety management systems while conducting our activities

- Regarding human as the most valuable essence in all of our activities, adopting to create a safer and healthier working environment and to minimize all kinds of losses as our primary business objective

- Bringing environmental hazards and hazards of occupational health safety under control at their sources with a participative and systematic approach

- Minimizing accidents and illnesses and protecting health of our employees

- Tracking and reducing the use of natural resources

- Preventing or minimizing environmental pollution at its source by waste control

- We promise to conform and maintain the standards of quality, environment and occupational health safety management systems and continuously to improve the performance of our Integrated Management System as Plastimak family.